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"The power of SEVERAL scripts with ONE low payment and everything at your fingertips"

After searching for a list building script that could provide me a base to build a membersite I was getting frustrated with the fact that they all cost a FORTUNE and are EXTREMELY difficult to set up and manage.

I'd been using the Ventrino Traffic Exchange Script for several years and I liked it so much I ended up buying the script outright and I thought "Hey maybe I can use this for different things"

Newsletter/Emailing Function - Member Signup & Login Facilities - Download Section - Support
Easy Banner & Text Ad Selling Abilities - Commission Based Referral System - Profile Section
Geo Location Adviser - Autoresponder Automation and more..

With all these GREAT features it was rather annoying that I never though of it before but I set to work to strip out the "Traffic Exchange" type features and keep all the others so it could be a perfect base for me to use for any other projects I have.

"After hosting is set up it takes me less than 8 minutes to have a membersite set up with the features listed below"

After speaking to a few people it was apparent that there is DEFINITELY a market looking for all these features without having to pay a few hundred dollar so I though I'd price the script SO low that everyone that has wanted to set up their own site can achieve their dream and do it for minimum cost.

Don't take my word for it but you can download the free 7 day trial and if you don't like it you have NO obligation at all and can simply remove it from your server.!

A low cost business right out of the box

Mini Ventrino List Building Script

Support Ticket System

With a simple interface your members will be able to get
in touch with you with only a few clicks.

Newsletter / Email Sending Abilities

With only a few clicks you can send email to one member
or all your members or by selecting one of the advanced
options you can send to specific groups.

Download Section

A simple area that you can list various ebooks, scripts
or basically anything you wish to give away to your
members and they can just login and get it.

Member Signup & Login Facilities

With our verification system you will receive minimal spam
complaints as your member have to manually verify their
email address to gain accee to the main site.

Easy Banner & Text Ad Selling Abilities

We've left the heart of our banner & text exchange so
you can easily provide a way for your members to purchase
advertising on your site and of course you can earn FAST

Commission Based Referral System

Whether you want to offer $1 per verified sign up or pay
your members 50% commissions you have the power
at your fingertips even free AND pro options.

Autoresponder Automation

If you are looking to MAXIMIZE the power of your site
you can add your Rocketresponder listname so when
your members join here you can build an external list.

Geo Location Adviser

With a few clicks you can get GEO TARGETED information
and have easy access to email specific counties and
ensure you maximize your email response rate.

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